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Contacting the Congress
Roll Call Home Page
-- Hill Directory -- Roll Call The Federal Internet Guide: Legislative Sites
CapWeb -- The Internet Guide to the U.S. Congress
Congress.Org -- Your Link to Congress
Capitol Hill Blue
FedLaw (legal.gsa)
GovBot - search Government related web sites

The Senate and the House of Representatives for Committees and Staff Members in New Congress (2007)
Congressional Directory, 106th Congress
Congressional Directory by Carroll Publishing
THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet
The United States Senate
-- Senate Committee on Armed Services [SASC]
-- SAC - Subcommittees
U.S. House Of Representatives
-- House Committee Hearing Schedules and Oversight Plans (including Testimonies)
-- House National Security Committee Home Page
-- HNSC Schedule (with testimonies posted)
-- House Armed Services Committee - Democrats
U.S. House of Representatives - Internet Law Library - U.S. Code (searchable)
Congressional e-mail addresses
Congressional Staff Directory [from CQ]

Library of Congress

Library of Congress
The Library of Congress LCWeb Catalog (new and improved!)
Legislative Information Services (on or about 1/25/01)
Useful for staff info on legislation and congressional activities, e.g., copies of House committee oversight plans.
CRS: Congressional Research Service (gov gateway)
CRS: Congressional Research Service (gov gateway) (on or about 1/25/01)
-- CRS: FY1999 Appropriations Products Guide
-- CRS: Current Status of FY1999 Appropriations Bills
-- CRS' Reference Desk (gov access only)
-- Library of Congress WWW/Z39.50 Gateway
Supports on-line searches when GAO portal does not support telnetting. Also other library sites.

The Congressional Budget Office Page

Congressional Budget Office Home Page

The Government Printing Office (GPO)

GPO Home Page
-- GAO Reports via GPO
-- GPO Access
-- GPO Access Pathway Services
-- GPO Access on the Web via Perdue U.
WAIS access to Congressional bills, record, register, code, laws, etc.
-- GPO Gate at University of California
-- GPO's Core Documents of U.S. Democracy
-- GPO Gate to U.S.C. (i.e., 42 USC 2211)
-- The Code of Federal Regulations (new site)
-- The United States Government Manual
Search the Manual for info that you need

Other Sites Relating to the U.S. Congress

Congressional Quarterly

U.S. General Accounting Office

GAO Internet Home Page
GAO InTraNet Home Page
Guide to General Accounting Office Reports on Military Topics [FAS/MilNetwork]


American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) Home Page
Association of Government Accountants (AGA) Home Page
AuditNet: Internet Resources for Auditors
BudgetNet [from FinanceNet]
FinanceNet - Home Page for Accounting, Auditing, Finance and Economics
IGnet ---- Internet for the Federal Inspectors General