-- DefenseLINK News - Speeches, Briefings, Issues, Etc.
-- DoD Almanac 1999 - Development version
Defense Publications
-- Annual Defense Report
-- DOD RDT&E Descriptive Summaries (RDDS) Home Page
-- Defense Fact File
-- Defense Issues
Office of the Secretary of Defense - Budget Materials
The Pentagon Library
Early Bird Summaries
Canada's Armed Forces' War, Peace and Security Guide
Extensive Worldwide Listing

Gov't & Defense Search Engines and Search Resources

DTIC's Scientific and Technical Information Network (STINET)
-- Public STINET - DTIC Collections
-- DTIC: Search DOD Websites
-- DTIC: STINET Federated MultiSearch
-- DTIC: PrivateSTINET
-- DTIC's Systran Translator
Follow-up on the DTIC sites listed below
DTIC's U. S. Military Internet Sites
DTIC Internet Resources
DTIC's Joint Internet Resources
DTIC's Other Related Internet Resources
Google Search [Unclesam]
Federal Directory by Carroll Publishing
Military Education and Research Library Network

Defense Research Resources

USNI Military Database [mdb133/bz/cooler]
Jane's Account Information
Jane's Online [xxxLxB]
-- Defense and Services Policy, Strategy, Doctrine Documents
-- Introduction to the Military 101
-- Weapon Systems
Federation of American Scientists []
-- DOD 101 - United States Weapon Systems [FAS/MilAnalysisNet]
IWS - The Information Warfare Site
U.S. Commission on National Security/21st Century [NSSG]
OUP Journals - The Military Balance
Military Personnel Statistical Information Analysis Division (SIAD)

DoD Directives

DoD Directives, Publications, & Correspondence
Transitioning to SGML and PDF formats but also be sure to search for ascii text format
5025.1-I DoD Directives System Annual Index [pdf format]

JCS and Selected Unified Combatant Commands

Joint Chiefs of Staff
Joint Doctrine
-- Joint Electronic Library (Index)
-- Joint Electronic Library - Joint Pubs
-- The Joint Staff Officer's Guide AFSC Pub 1 in PDF
Unified Combatant Commands of the Department of Defense
-- U.S. Joint Forces Command (formerly Atlantic Command)
-- U.S. Central Command [general access]
-- U.S. European Command
-- U.S. Pacific Command Home Page

AT&L and DAU Acquisition Knowledge Sharing System (the "New Deskbook")

Defense Acquisition University
AKSS Site Map
AT&L Knowledge Sharing System [DAU]
Defense Acquisition Policy Center - Acquisition and JCIDS [DAU]
Acquisition Community Connection Community of Practice (COP)
-- ACC COP: Program Management Community of Practice [PMCOP]
-- ACC COP: Business Management
-- ACC COP: Financial Management
DAU Online Publication Resources
DAU: Acquisition Links
DAU Links to Glossaries and Acronyms
Policy Documents: Navy / Marine Corps Common
Policy Documents: Navy Specific Documents

OSD Acquisition-Related Links of Interest

AT&L Acquisition Web
Acquisition Resources & Analysis
OUSD Comptroller
Defense Cost and Resource Center [PA&E]
Operational Test & Evaluation DOT&E)
Live Fire Test & Evaluation (no longer: visit DOT&E)
-- SURVIAC-Survivability/Vulnerability Information Analysis Center
Directorate for Information Operations and Reports
DODIG Internet Homepage

Defense Cost Analysis

Operating and Support Cost-Estimating Guide Contents [OSD/PA&E]
Army Cost and Economic Analysis [CEAC]
Joint Industry/Gov't Parametric Cost Estimating Handbook
-- Parametric Cost Estimating Handbook - d/l to a Word ZIP File
OSD Comptroller iCenter [What is PPBE?]
OSD Financial Management Regulations
-- OSD Comptroller's Current Budget Topics (P-1, Inflation Indices, etc. -- also see above Budget Materials)
-- The "Green Book" [lin to is a large PDF file on OSD Comptroller Budget site]
OSD(PA&E)'s Resource Analysis Home Page (ok for outside access)
-- DOD Cost Analysis Conference Home Page (ADODCAS)
-- FYDP Handbook (DOD 7045) (limited to gov access)
SAR's - Summary Tables
Guidelines and Discount Rates for Benefit-Cost Analysis of Federal Programs: OMB Circular No. A-94

U.S. Military Services

U.S. Air Force Links

U.S. Air Force Home Page

U.S. Army Links

U.S. Army Homepage

U.S. Marine Corps Links

U.S. Marine Corps Homepage

U.S. Navy Links

U.S. Navy Homepage
RwR's Navy and Maritime Links Page

Defense Think Tanks and Schools

Defense Acquisition University
National Defense University
Institute for National Strategic Studies (NDU)
Brookings Institution
Center for Defense Information (CDI) Online
Center for Defense Logistics (Logistics Management Institute ) (CDL - LMI)
Center for Strategic & Budgetary Assessments [CSBA]
Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
GAO Reports on Military Topics, Guide to [FAS/MilAnalysisNetwork]
Heritage Foundation's National Security Website
Institute For Defense Analyses (IDA)
Military Operations Research Society (MORS)
MIT Security Studies Program
National Academy of Sciences [+NAE, NRC]
National Defense Industrial Association [NDIA, formerly ADPA and NSIA]
Project on Defense Alternatives

Defense Trade Press and News Sources

Defense News
Jane's Home Page

Acronyms, Definitions, & Glossaries

DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms (JCS Pub 1)
Navy Acronyms [via SPEAR SurfLant]
DTIC Acronym Listings
Acronym Finder
Budget and Cost Glossary [DOD Comptroller]

Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) and National Defense Panel (NDP)

The National Defense Panel - Official Home Page [dtic]
QDR & NDP Page [Project on Defense Alternatives] (good coverage)
Defense Strategy Review Page [Project on Defense Alternatives] - excellent coverage of strat/policy
Defense Strategy Review Page: a compendium of online resources from the Project on Defense Alternatives

Other Defense Items

General/Flag Officer Worldwide Roster by Organization- 9/96
General/Flag Officer Worldwide Roster by Name- 9/96