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General Public Affairs

The Federal Internet Guide from WashingtonPost.Com:
Project Vote Smart - A Voter's Self Defense System
FedWorld Home Page
GPO's Core Documents of U.S. Democracy
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Think Tanks and Organizations Community: Think Tanks
Policy Reports Search [from chadwyck]
Brookings Institution Library
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Center for Defense Information (CDI Online)
Center for Strategic & Budgetary Assessments
The Center for Strategic & International Studies
Federation of American Scientists
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Henry L. Stimson Center
Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis [IFPA]
National Academy of Sciences [+NAE, NRC]
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Bluewater Network
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Give Water A Hand Homepage
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Congressional Quarterly
-- CQ's American Voter
NCEDR Tools - Cost-Benefit Analysis [National Center for Environmental Decision-making Research]
Oceans & Coastal Resources: A Briefing Book
Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations