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Global and Generally Stoked - An Interactive Surf Magazine
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Mountain Man's "Surf - Global Oceanic Surf Links - Mountain Man Graphics, OZ" [Pete Brown]
Swell | Travel ROT Bodyboarding Blog
Surfboardshopper. Your one stop resource pages for surfing
WannaSurf, Free interactive illustrated atlas of surf spots and surfing worldwide with weather and wave forecast maps
MiningCo.'s Surfing Home Page
Bill Andrews' @
Bill Andrews @ Welcome to A Day With ME - BA
CaboPalooza Locale & Digs Bed and Breakfast Hotel - Casa Terra Cotta
Surf Report and Surfing Resource Guide for Wave Surfers the surfer's directory / Surfing Links, Surfboards, Surf, Waves.
Surf Report - Surf Forecast - Marine Weather (STORMSURF)
Global Surfers.Com [surfguides and info]
Surfer Resources
Surfrider Foundation USA
-- Washington DC Surfrider Information
-- Surfrider Foundation Maryland
-- Delaware-Surfriders
-- Surfrider Foundation: Puerto Rico Chapter
-- Surfrider Foundation: Rincon, PR Chapter
Coalition of Surfing Clubs Home Page
wetSand Surf Network
Surf Planet
Travel Rates for Surfboards
EPA's BEACH Watch Homepage
SurfLink, Online Surfing Source
Foondroppings index- Confessions of an Right Coast Beachoholic
Jordan's Surfing and Rush Pages
NOAA Coastal Shoreline
coastalsurvey magazine
Surfing waves, surf photos by WAVECAM.COM
The Surfer's Journal - A Reader Supported Surf Publication
The Surfer's Path
Eastern Surf Magazine
Eastern Surf Magazine (ESM)
International Surfing Association
United States Surfing Federation (USSF)
-- USSF Western Region - Home
National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA)
UN Atlas of the Oceans
NRS Online Catalog for River Riders, Surfers, etc. [gloves, wetsuits, other gear] [formerly]
Palm Beach Post's Tropical Storm Page (subscribe!)
SurfTrader InterChange -- Surfers' Own Auction Site - Surf [temp offline]
Submit a Surf Report to Alt.Surfing

East Coast [east of the Mississippi]

East Coast Surf at SurfInfo.Com
Welcome to the Annapolis Surf Club
Great Lakes Surfing Photos ....... Surfing Vancouver Island
Lake Erie Surf Page
superior - Free Homepages For Everyone
GanjaSurf: East Coast and Caribbean Surfing Information
The Eastern Surfing Association
-- Maryland ESA Eastern Surfing Association, Ocean City, Maryland
-- Delaware ESA Eastern Surfing Association
-- Eastern Surfing Association/Outer Banks District
Surfing for Maryland and Delaware
Eastern Surf Magizine
New England Surf Riders Club
Elemental Surf & Skate
Forrest D. Trenholm Jr. New England Longboarders • surf new england" - New England's Source For Wave and Surf Sports.
Doc's Place [NewEngland/Mass. area]
RI Riders Home Page: surf photos, secret surf breaks, catch the Rhode Island stoke . . .
Dotcrawl Beach Section -- NYC Training to the Beach [in the winter, too!]
Surfing - Bodyboarding -- Ocean City Maryland, Delaware Beaches, Virginia
Dewey Beach Surf and Sport, Dewey Beach, DE
Sponger Hut Bodyboarding Page (Delaware)
Bodyboarding Delaware
BeachNet: Surfing Conditions Report, Ocean City, Maryland
Shlov's World Of Bodyboarding (OC/Md)
K-Coast, Ocean City, MD Maryland Surf & Skate Shop
OC Waves Home. Ocean City Maryland surfing, waves, surf, oc, ocean city, ocean city md. east coast waves. east coast surfing.
SurfVB.Com - The Virginia Beach Directory! [slow loader but useful site if visiting VaB]
North Carolina Outer Banks Surfing
N.C. surf info
EastCoastSURF Atlantic Beach, NC Daily Surf Report
ShineNet - NE Florida Surfing

Puerto Rico

Rod's PR Surf and Travel

West Coast

Surfing Vancouver Island (Coastal British Columbia - surfing, and alot more)
Live To Surf - Tofino, B.C., Canada
Oregon Surfpage - For Real Surfing
Pacific Waverider Main Page
STORMSURF Big Wave Surfing Forecasts for Northern California - NorCal Cams incl. Mavericks + Lots of Good Links
wElcome tO mAv sUrfer
Tim Maddux's "Santa Barbara Surfing"
WaveCast's Surfing the Ventura Coast
El Porto-South Bay Surf Reports
NeoN's "San Onofre"
san diego county usa california north america surf spots, surfing map, WannaSurf
Encinitas Surf Report
Camzone Home - some SD area webcams
La Jolla Surfing Weather
La Jolla Surfing Picture Gallery
Surfin' with da hulk...
Southern California Swell Model
Coastal Data Information Program Homepage


Sponge's HI Surf Advisory [Neal Miyake]
Mensore (Okinawa) Surfing
HoloHolo East - 1999 QUIKSILVER EDDIE AIKAU MEMORIAL - an ASP Specialty Event

Other Regional

European Surf Forecast Links
British Surfing Association - Official Website
A1Surf for free UK surfing reports, forecasts and UK webcams [UK and Ireland]
Irish Surfing Association
-- Ireland's East Coast Surf Club
coastalsurvey magazine
Beach Cam
Surfing Mexico
Surfing Costa Rica by Inter@merica
Tico Travel - Discount packages to Central America for fishing, surfing, vacations and business travel.
Dawn Patrol- South Africa - Surfing Tours
BurleighCam - Queensland Australia

Kneeboarding, Boogie, and Skimboarding!

Kneeboard Surfing USA (KSUSA)
Blast Kneeboards Hawaii
-- Blast Kneeboards Hawaii - Links
The Wedge...and Romansky's Kneeboards
Australian Kneelo Surf Site
George Greenough's Home on the Web [look for the sick Wedge video]
Net Bodyboarding [netbb] ROT Bodyboarding Blog
Shoreline Board Shop... [OC/Md]
Turbo Surf-bodyboard and surfboard
Toobs Bodyboards Home Page
OMEGA Bodyboards!
East Coast Bodyboarding
underground zoo bodyboarding
Crystal Coast BodyBoarding Community for the Body Boarding, Sponging Enthusiast
Skim Boarding

Other Global and Mystos

NOAA's WINDandSEA MegaLinks
Legendary Surfers (by Malcolm Gault-Williams)
Pods for Primates-a catalogue of surfing
Surfboard Design Guide [by Gioni Pasquinelli & other AS'ers]
Surfboards - The Complete Surfing Guide for Coaches - Intro - Bruce Gabrielson - Advanced Training for Surfers
Surfboards Interactive Online Tools
Surfboard and Sailboard Fins
Wood Surfboards - The Surf History Preservation Collection's Wood Surfboards Acquisition Site
Surfboard Collectors - Surf History Preservation Collection buys surfboards and surfing related items to preserve the history of the sport of kings
Tubesteak's Planet Malibu
Crazy Joe's "Crazy Joe's Surf Lounge" [Joe Fleming - US/West/CA/Central/Estero Bay]
Surfer Bob's Page.
International Surfing Museum in Huntington Beach
United States Surfing Federation (USASC) Home
Nat'l Climatic Data Center: Historical Significant Events Imagery
Satellite Active Archive
Artificial Surfing Reefs and Modeling
Natural Art
SurferGirl Magazine
Surf Life For Women (.com) - surfshop, surf links, surfing reports, cams, weather and more
Home Page for Jose Borrero w/Tsunamis

Surf Music & Bibliographies

Cowabunga - Instrumental Surf Music
Leon Lowman's Art and Surf
Surf Music Hall of Love
Reverb Central
Surfdog Music and Surfing
alt.surfing crew's Surfing Related Books - links and reviews
pods for primates: research categories including books, films, museums...
Surf Videos [from]
Wavejammer Online Catalog - Surfing, Skateboarding and Snowboarding
The Surfing Bibliography [stephenw] -- New and used Surfing Books & Surfing Magazines
Surfing Guide to Europe : Stormrider Guide

ALT.SURFING's Homepages

Newsgroup: alt.surfing
FAQ: alt.surfing
alt.surfing crew website links and photos [Cam's]
alt.surfing HUB. http source for the newsgroup alt.surfing [OPC-Lemming-Sandman sponsored]
Close Encounters of the alt.surfing Kind [AS Points]
Bill Andrew's Site
Bill Andrews' @
Bill Andrews' Webshots Community
Broomer's "Eastern Surfing Association" [ ]
Bud's "Bud's Surfing Life" [Bud - Hawaii/Oahu]
Cam Scott's "Surfing Vancouver Island"
Carson's Surfing Baja California, Mexico [Samuel Carson Rhodes]
Crazy Joe's "Crazy Joe's Surf Lounge" [Joe Fleming - US/West/CA/Central/Estero Bay]
da hulk's "Surfin' with da hulk..." [Stephen Hull]
Doc's Place [NewEngland/Mass. area]
Fang's "SurferGirl Magazine" [Nancy Jean Travis - Global Girls' Mag]
Foon's "Foondroppings index- Confessions of an Right Coast Beachoholic" [Warren F. Overman - East Coast: MD]
Forrest D. Trenholm Jr. New England Longboarders • surf new england"
Freddy's "TubeTime!" [Fred the Pup - US/WestCoast/CA/Cental]
G's "G's Page" [Gioni Pasquinelli]
Gadget's "The Land of Gadget" [Paul Tomlin - England/SW]
Gamivia Duke's "Gamivia Duke, Esq.: The Many Faces of Gamivia Duke"
George "OBsurfr" Barnes' "Old Surfer's Home"
Joanne VanMeter's
Joe Trotter's "La Jolla Surfing WWW" [Joe Trotter]
John Hermesman's "John's SoCal Surfing Page"
Jose Borrero's "L.A. Surfing"
Leif Baker's "Washington's surf page" [Leif Baker - US/NW-Washington]
Malcolm Gault-Williams' "Legendary Surfers"
Mark Sisom's Internet Home
Michael Mellow's "The La Jolla Surf Map of California" [Michael Mellow-US West Coast/CA/La Jolla]
Mike Beck's "Pacific Waverider" [Mike Beck - US/WestCoast/BayArea]
Mountain Man's "Surf - Global Oceanic Surf Links - Mountain Man Graphics, OZ" [Pete Brown]
Myron Ware's "SunBum's Bio"
Neil's " *** Off Its Face Magazine - Surfing *** " (Wales) [ ]
NeoN's "San Onofre"
OBsurfr's Old Surfer's Home [George Barnes]
Ocean Tribe's "Ocean Tribe Windsurf Shop" [theTribe]
Peking Duck's "PekingDuck Home Page" [John Patkin - Hong Kong]
Ric Harwood's "Ric Harwood" [UK-oriented]
Rick Ciaccio's "California Surfing's Fabled Wedge..."
Rico Bates' "The Cold Corner"
Rod's "Speedy Text" SurfMarks Home Port [Rod Rodgers - East Coast: MD]
SandKrab's Surfing Page
Sandman's "Nortwest Surfing Art" aka "The Lost Coast" [Sandman]
Snake's "Snake's Surfing Page" [Bruce Gabrielson - East Coast: MD]
Sponge's "HI Surf Advisory" [Neal Miyake]
Steve Lange's "Santa Barbara Surf Implement"
Surfchick's "" [Leslie - US/WestCoast/CA/San Mateo]
Surfer Bob's "Surfer Bob's Page." [Robert Taylor]
surfgeo's surfing photographs and more
Sus's SurfList
Tauras' "Estero Bay Surf Report, California USA" [Taurus Sulaiti]
-=Skyman=- (tdlucas) Team Hollow Ocean Links and Hurricane Info
Tim Maddux's "Santa Barbara Surfing"
Todd's "OvntrdOgnd"
Tom "tdsurf" Duncan's ""
Tubesteak's "Planet Malibu" [Terry "TUBESTEAK" Tracy aka Kahuna]
Whirlawhip's "Ben Blake: The Mad Poet leading his cadre of simps!" [Ben Blake]

Blue Skies Java

ASC Trip Links

SURFEX.COM - Costa Rica Land & Wave Guide - Hotels & Villas